facebook has been reminding me that it has been a while since my last post, sigh.  i sometimes write and rewrite posts in my head and can never get them just right.  i organize the images, know how i will lay them out and then think, “ugh, now i have to say something!”  so i never get around to actually posting.  maybe this is why i love instagram so much – i don’t always feel the need to ‘say’ anything when i post.

when i was thinking about sharing some of my latest work i did know that i wanted to say how much i enjoyed it!  i knew i wanted to say that i love photographing beautiful things and this lovely lady has a way with said beautiful things!


when i photograph the spaces she creates, i feel as though i could do it all day, every day, reminding me how important it is do what you love


the colours, the clean lines


the details


the way she puts things together, knowing less is more

the simplicity


i love capturing people, i do –  but there is something about the quiet that i get lost in

and a few furry friends only makes things better!